Head: cloudburst
Torso: cloudburst
Arms: dogfight
Waist: mercer '91
Upper legs: crankcase
Lower legs: cloudburst
Extra: ripcord parachute vest

Cloudburst didn't always want to be an airman, life just has a way of finding him. He liked piloting planes from a young age with aircraft always fascinating him, especially turboprop planes. While in school he learned that the Army was adopting a new turbo prop light attack plane based on two models. The model that caught his attention was the AT-6 Wolverine. Something about that plane had him wanting to fly it. After graduating highschool we went to the Army recruiting office and enlisted as a flight warrant officer. He went through vigorous flight training and finally got to fly his very own AT-6 wolverine. He knows everything about the aircraft, the ins and outs of the plane only experts would know. On top of his pilot training he also got training as a glider trooper as well as a bombarder. After over hearing in the cafeteria that a secret force had just adopted the AT-6 Wolverine, cloudburst's ears perked up. That's when General Hawk had requested him to transfer to the Joe team, which he happily did. He now flys the AT-6 wolverine with his co pilot, Skymate.

He is an expert in piloting and parachuting. He is also a qualified expert in SMGs and Rifles. He carries around a Fara 83 with flame attachment and a mossberg 500, modified to be able to fit in the cockpit with him. He knows Free style karate, Jiu Jitsu, Savate, bojutsu and action shooting. He holds a black belt in jiu jitsu and Savate, with a purple belt in bojutsu and karate. He likes all weapons and can use them effectively but he's shooting skills with a rifle are always a sight to behold.

To me most of the Joe community doesn't like cloudburst for one reason or another. His was to revamp him cause to me he looked like a pilot more than anything, not a glider trooper. His main duty is to fly the AT-6 Wolverine and his secondary duty is bombarder and glider trooper. Hopefully this revamps the character to be a little more cool. The design is based on the drawing I did for him and a few elements of Past Notifications custom of him. Which I really liked the revamp of. Cloudburst to me fits as a turbo prop pilot easily, it also lets Skymate join him as they were both glider troopers which I have now reclassified as pilots and co pilots for a turboprop aircraft. I also debated on putting dogfight as his co pilot but I instead went with Skymate.

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