Head: dogfight
Torso: crazylegs
Arms: surefire
Waist: sgt. Slaughter '89
Legs: lowlight '01
Extra: 25th anniversary webgear

Growing up Dogfight heard all about his grandfather's time as a pilot during the Korean War. After that his father followed him in his footsteps and joined the Air Force with the outbreak of the Vietnam Conflict. His father flew for the Air Force and had many stories to tell his son. Inspired by these stories, dogfight enlisted in the air force after graduating college. There he learned to fly numerous air crafts, his flying was so good that he was "discharged" and sent to the AVG in China. While there he would hone his flying skills as well as infantry combat skills to make him an all around balanced person. While in China he got some Chinese tattoos on his arm, one says AVG the other says running in the night. While he was in China, General Hawk requested his transfer to the Joe team when he got back And sure enough he was immediately sent to the Joes base when he returned from his "volunteer" work in China.

He is a qualified pilot and martial artist. He is an expert in rifles, smgs and shotguns. He knows xang yi quan, bajiquan, wrestling and karate. These four martial arts he learns mixed together make a very deadly hand to hand combat style unique to dogfight and modified for any situation he might be caught in. As well as adding in rifle combinations to his style makes it look all the more magestic when in motion.

I've always enjoyed Dogfight, I just really like the air line pilot look to him as he looks more undercover than a normal military personnel would. Yes I know crazylegs torso seems a little odd at first but in my mind it's more like padding against gunfire rather than a fashion statement. To me the padding looks like it can deflect shotgun bullets and anything under .45 caliber rifles. His fighting style is very similar to the doom slayers mixed with Julia Chang's from tekken. I have been playing a lot of doom eternal recently so I figured that the doom slayers multiple barrel fully automatic shotgun fit for his self defense weapon. And yes the AVG or American Volunteer Group is in reference or well is a continuation of the group from WW2 who helped the Chinese Air Force fight back against the Japanese. I just figured it fit dogfight pretty well. When Dogfight isn't flying recon or helping foreign partners learn to fly he's a first officer of a PC-12 plane and he takes guest on private tours around wherever he's stationed as a way to make some money and hone his skills even more.

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