Head: updraft
Torso: strato viper
Arms: redstar
Waist: crankcase
Legs: duke '92

Ghost Rider "what's his name?"
As a child, Ghost Rider hated attention. He would actively go out of his way not to be known weather it be in classes or in extra curricular activities he never wanted to stand out. All of this came to ahead when he told his parents he was enlisting in the military. All of a sudden everyone in his small town were hounding him with questions and attention. All the while he hated it. After going to college and graduating with a degree in aerospace engineering he enlisted into the Navy. The navy offered him a place in their Aviation fleet, which he felt was his home. He learned to fly a variation of the F/A-18, the F/A-18 covert ops. This variant of the F/A-18 is a secret within naval aviation as it's only heard in whispers and their never seen for more than a couple hours. Ghost rider being one to not stand out found that this paring was a match made in heaven. Do covert ops in a covert plane and be back before anyone knows you're there drawing no attention to yourself in the process, that's what Ghost Rider signed up for. The Joe team got wind of this pilot who no one could remember and they figured he would be perfect for their team as he didn't draw attention to them in the public eye. General Hawk immediately transferred Ghost Rider to the Joe team as a part of his Covert Ops team within the Joes. Ghost rider had found his home and has been happy ever sense.

He is a qualified-expert in naval aviation with the F/A-18 covert, being the one he has the most experience with. He knows Wing Chun, Muay Thai, BJJ, Judo and fencing. With him holding a black belt in Wing Chun, Judo & BJJ. He also is an expert in SMGs, Snipers and Shotguns. He is qualified in TACP (JTAC) and Covert Ops. Attained the rank of commander before being promoted to Captian within the Joe team. He is Keel Hauls right hand man when on the U.S.S. Flagg.

I wanted to create a Ghost Rider custom that stood out much to his chagrin. To me the Strato Viper chest fit Ghost Rider to me, I have no idea why but I just thought it would be cool. For his back story, I always thought he'd be better as a naval aviator than an Air Force one. Just cause the navy is where I know most of my knowledge from and there weren't any naval aviators in the original line it was mostly army and Air Force, so this changes it up a bit. This was originally gonna be an Ace custom but I saw Kwinn_lives already made his Ace custom a naval aviator, so I didn't want to copy that. For the F/A-18 Covert, it hard variables sweep wings like the F-14 Tomcat and a highspeed of Mach 2.3, for doing radar and recon missions. It is also a twin seater aircraft but I haven't made the co pilot yet, not sure if it'll be a existing character or a new one.

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