Head: WWE Rumbler
Body: Mega Construx
Hands, axe: Bossfight female blank
Sword: Brick Warriors
Shoulder pad: AWOK

Grogimmalk Brewgranite is a small but fierce warrior. He wields the frost axe, an enchanted weapon that wields frost damage with each cut it makes. He comes from a long line of Halfling accountants going back hundreds of years. But Brewgranite wanted more. So he learned the way of the sword, the way of the axe, and the way of the barbarian warrior.

As crazy as it sounds this is a figure I'm super proud of. The Halfling Barbarian Grogimmalk Brewgranite. It's the smallest figure I feel I painted successfully. I'm tempted to swap out the feet for larger feet from a BFS figure...

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