Head: Pathfinder
Torso: Skidmark
Arms: Crankcase
Waist: Muskrat
Legs: Crankcase

Skidmark is also sent on the same mission as Crankcase to hunt down Croc Master in the Florida Everglades. For this mission he acts as VAMP Gunner and Gunner for any swamp skimmer that has weapons on it.

I used the Pathfinder head as a substitute for the Skidmark head, cause I can't find the one I have but as it turns out it fits the story I'm creating and it fits the temperate weather the Everglades has, so knocking out two birds with one stone.

His position as a VAMP Gunner is inspired by the US Navy SWCC but more like Army Rangers version of it.

I can't think of the name to this story I was either thinking Operation Gator Hunt or Operation Croc Hunt, I'll have to give some more thought to it.

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