Head: Crankcase
Torso: Motor Viper
Arms: Cobra Viper
Waist: Law
Legs: Law

Right now I am in the process of writing a story where Crankcase and Skidmark are sent on a mission to the Florida Everglades to hunt down Croc Master under General Hawk's orders as Croc Master has been causing havoc down there.

The reason behind Crankcase using the Motor Viper chest and Viper arm guards is that in my cannon, he's a former motor viper after losing a street race to one and his punishment was that he had to join Cobra as a Motor Viper, half way through his deployment he saw the horrors he was committing a defected to the Joes.

I specifically choose Crankcase and Skidmark, the two drivers of the VAMP, because they don't get enough love from the community from what I've read, so I wanted to make them appeal to everyone and add that coolness factor to them, with this story hopefully helping. I'll post Skidmark as soon as I finish him as well.

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