Head: '86 Slipstream
Torso: '88 Lightfoot
Arms: 92 Big Bear
Waist: '92 Waist
Legs: '86 Zandar

A new additional to the Battle Corps line up is tank commander, Heavy Metal. I always liked the character and felt he was relatively underrated. Similar to Cross Country and Frostbite, this figure would have been single carded and not included with a vehicle...not that there was much released in the way of vehicles with the Battle Corps line anyway.

As for the overall design, the Slipstream head was based on a tank drive anyway, so it seemed like a natural choice. I wanted to provide him some protection as well with knee pads and chest armor.
As for his gun, my grandfather was issued a M3 grease gun in Korea and based on his stories of the weapon it has always been one of my grail guns.

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