Head: '05 Infantry Division
Chest, legs: '82 Grand Slam
Arms: '85 Eel
Waist: '83 Torpedo


This is the same body recipe used for Flash except for the waist. This waist, a Torpedo one, is simpler. Grand Slam would probably have less stuff on his person since he can keeps tools and gear packed away on a HAL.

Colors & Paint:

Designed to be different than my S&SF Flash, Grand Slam has black pads over a grey/slate uniform with olive drab accoutrements. It's also designed to acknowledge that some of the '97 figures, like Scarlett, had bizarre colors sets.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The hair was removed from the forehead and resculpted. The shoulder/elbow rivets and thigh screw insets and epoxy filled/smoothed. The ARAH Flash/Grand Slam feet are horribly pigeon-towed, so I sliced off the right foot and rotated ever-so-slightly.

Thanks for looking.

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