Head: '92 Mutt
Torso: '87 Avalanche
Arms: '87 Blaster
Waist: '94 Dial-tone
Legs: '94 Dial-tone

A few years back I created an expanded Mega Marine team, but gone were the bright colors and camo from various colors mixed into the paint. I went with a darker more subdued look, a paired down color scheme between each member giving them a cohesive look. One of those new Mega Marines was Leatherneck, as he and Gung-ho were basically splitting the team into two units and each would command a squad.

Flash forward to today, I wanted to begin expanding the Hasbro Mega Marine line with a few new figures, and Leatherneck was at the top of the list. Because I really liked how my original custom turned out, I didn't want to stray too far from that. I think the DEF Mutt head works really well for Leatherneck, and didn't shy away from brighter colors. I also wanted to give the camo the appearance of Hasbro's with different colors mixed into the paint and not just painted over a base color.

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