Head: General Flagg
Torso: Lowlight '02
Arms: Outback
Waist: Duke '92
Legs: Outback '93

Growing up Tracker wanted to be a Navy Seal. He trained his whole life for it and after highschool he enlisted in the Navy Seal Program. Many passed and many failed. On the last week of training Tracker had broken his ankle and was discharged from the training program. Distraught he talked with a recruiter about what he could do. The recruiter said there was another way to become a Seal just not in the way Tracker was thinking. After some debate Tracker agreed that we would do Aircrew. As an Aircrewmen, he was assigned to HSC-85, the firehawks, which exclusively dealed with Aviation Spec Ops support. While not a full fledged Navy Seal, he still gets to support them and go on missions with them, being a pseudo member of the Seal team. He was so good at supporting them that General Hawk caught word and immediately requested he be transferred to the Joe team, cause they were lacking in aircrew at the time. Tracker was told he'd been assigned to a team even greater than the Seals. He couldn't have been happier.

Tracker is trained in Boxing, Bajiquan, Jiu Jitsu and Karate. He holds a black belt in Jiu Jitsu and Karate. He can operate helicopters weapons systems and has an intiment knowledge of knots used as well as how to fix the helicopter if it is damaged. He also has a basic grasp of helicopter maintenance. While apart of the Seal Team as support, he was sent on many missions ranging from missions in the desert to missions in dense jungles. The seals even taught him some of their methods, making him the deadliest non seal ever. He is a qualified expert in the HK416, MK48 LMG, any LMG or crew served weapon on a helicopter & shotguns. He carries around a personal modified .725 Sawed Off Shotgun with him at all times, just in case it's ever needed.

So after reading that the navy shut down it's one of two spec ops aviation support teams, I decided that I needed to use a character that would be a part of this team before going to the Joe team. I had seen Kwinn_Lives customs of Tracker as a part of his sea devils team and that's when it hit me. The Joe team has a lot of navy seals, like maybe a little too many. I figured I'd take one of those seals and make him not be a seal anymore and that's when I landed on Tracker. To me he didn't seem at all like a Seal. I decided in his backstory to make him try out for the Seals but not make it right at the end, crushing his dream of being one in the process. Instead he became navy aircrew as apart of the Navy's Aviation Spec Ops support. Basically making him a pseudo Seal in the process, allowing him to be a Seal without actually being a Seal. The Seal team he was with sees him as a Seal just like them, except he's really good at aviation also, which is a plus for them when out on missions. Also the head I had ordered was damaged a bit, I like to see it as battle scars from a mission gone downhill. He is also doing a crucifix lock in two of the pictures.

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