Head: '93 Duke
Torso: '93 Bullet Proof
Arms: '85 Footloose and '90 Pathfinder
Waist: Cast
Legs 'Rampart Legs

I give a lot of credit to the original ARAH line in the wide variety of characters they provided us with each and every year. It wasn't simply a new version of Snake Eyes, and Cobra Commander every year, which was awesome. I'd argue that Duke was one of the core characters in the original line as he was featured heavily in the cartoon and comic series. Between '82 and '94 we received 6 Duke figures in the line and two of those were Star Brigade. As one of the core characters, it makes sense to me to have a Duke in nearly every single assortment each year. That's the basic premise behind this relatively simple custom.

This version in particular was designed to fit in with my '89 assortment of figures.

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