Head: '89 Countdown
Torso: '90 Freefall
Arms: unknown
Waist: '85 Snow Serpent
Upper Legs: '85 Snow Serpent
Lower Legs: '88 Blizzard

Continuing to expand my Battle Corps lineup is a new wave of figures. Each of the eight would have been single carded had they ever been a real thing.

Airborne was one of those characters that had a lot of potential but we only ever received one version of him in the ARAH line. Even when the Sky Patrol brought us a new Airborne figure, it was a completely different character. I think it is Airborne's relative obscurity that really makes him appealing to me. He's always played a pretty prominent role in my Joe world through a number of different customs.
The Battle Corps line gave us some great updates to figures such as Cross Country, Iceberg, and Beachhead...I'd like to think that had the line continued, Airborne would have been included!

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