Head: '93 Clutch
Torso: '88 Storm Shadow
Arms: '85 Dusty
Waist: '92 Firefly
Legs: '90 Sub-Zero

The Battle Corps line has its naysayers, but personally, I loved the line. It gave us great updates to cool characters while introducing us to some new ones as well. I would have loved to seen the Battle Corps lineup continue, so years ago I began making customs to continue adding to it. Earlier this year I included eight new figures to the line up with Hit & Run being one of them.

Hit & Run is one of my favorite Joe toys. Ever. His original look was so cool, and his gear and weapons were great! When updating his look to fit in with the Battle Corps line up I wanted to keep his overall look about the same but make him more "Battlecorps-ish" with some lighter color tones.

This is actually the second attempt at the figure as I got a little carried away with the first when it came to the amount of paint apps. The BC figures were always a bit minimal when it came to paint apps and that is something I wanted to remain true to in this custom continuation.

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