Main Body (up to knees): Unreleased Jurassic Park Mercenary
Hair: 2 Part Epoxy Putty
Chestplate and Shin Guards: KO BFS Vitruvian HACKS Spartan Chestplate
Lower Legs and Feet: BFS Vitruvian Hacks Blank Barefeet

The year is 1976, a planet cracks and explodes. A chunk of it hurtles towards the neighbouring galaxy: toward Earth. It pierces the atmosphere and crash lands leaving a smoldering crater in its wake. A small group of confused and delirious alien creatures emerge. The Intruders, Strongmen from Another World have arrived! Stranded hundreds of light years from their home, they must struggle to find their way back. There are Earthly threats in the form of Eagle Eye G.I. Joe and his Adventure Team. G.I. Joe, under orders from the US government, must capture The Intruders for research. At his disposal are special freelance agents Atomic Man, Bulletman and a slew of vehicles designed to capture the Intruders like animals. Despite their considerable strength and intellect, The Intruders must be wary of the obstacles against them.

*Note* This is a revisit of the figure in his final form. Added shin guards and painted over his face tattoo to enhance the look.

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