Full body MTF with sculpt
Shield from GI Joe Shock Trooper
Weapon built from Joe parts

Barricade is from the Detroit Police Force where he specialized in crowd control. He like the other elite members of the COPS force is recruited by Bulletproof to help put an end to Big Boss' crime spree that is terrorizing Empire City.

Building his weapon "The Mule" was the toughest part as I had to find bits and pieces of Joe weapons and try to put it together.

I loved the C.O.P.S. toy line as a kid as they were really just large GI Joes, but I always waned them to scale with the Joes. The torso is mostly sculpt to lengthen and give it the look of the vintage figure.

I have included a picture with the vintage figure as well to see the inspiration.

I have also included a full team picture to show all of the C.O.P.S. together.

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