Head: 2004 Dreadhead Joe-Bob
Torso, arms, waist: 2003 Agent Faces
Legs: Dreadhead Cletus/Otis
Weapon: various newsculpt figures

Ah, the results of scrounging through a parts box or two. I'd been sitting on the legs for a while (having gotten them in one of those random figure parts combos you can buy from Asian eBay sellers), mulling over what to do with them. The recent acquisition of the rest of the parts you see here helped me put a joke idea together. Basically, since the Dreadheads are written as mischief-makers, I'd bet once in a while they take on a dare or two for kicks. Hence Joe-Bob trying to get into the Crimson Guard, though he probably missed most of the memo on dress code (and also borrowed a pair of Cletus or Otis's pants just to try a bit to coordinate his uniform). The weapon was given to him since all the Dreadheads came with grey versions of such.

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