Head: Schleich Brahma bull with Playmobil horns
Body: MU Grey Beast
Hands: Water Margin monk
Robe: VTC Jedi Luke
Tunic: hand sewn and hand painted
Belt: twine with JvC Lady Jaye pouches
Hooves: Schleich draft horse
Axe: Fortnite dark knight
Bow: metal rod with twine
Arrows: Clone Wars missiles
Sheath: Loyal Subjects LOTR Legolas
Knife: BFS glow in the dark

JM70 created a barbarian paladin minotaur for D&D that is one part Tom Cullen from The Stand, one part Groot, and then a whole heaping helping of The Punisher all mixed together. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, but loyal and willing to protect and avenge those unable to do so for themselves.

When he described it with the bull skull on its chest like a minototaur Punisher, I just liked it so much I had to make one.

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