Depth Charge
Marauder's Low Light head on 50th Shipwreck body

Devastator Hydro Bullet Rifle
PoC arctic Destro squirt gun for the barrel, guarded hand grip, and backpack
Fortnite XM177 carry handle and top barrel hand guard
Marauder Inc M-60E3 stock
Retaliation Rockblock "gunkata" launcher's wing bits for the clip
Marauder Inc shotgun shells for the cartridges

Depth Charge been sitting on my workbench for a couple of years now and has become my go to guinea pig. In this instance, I wanted to make a custom of the unproduced prototype GI Joe Devastator water gun that dryhawk showed off when he acquired it. That thing is pure 90's nostalgia badassery from the bright colors to how oddly real world speific its componenets are. The big thing for me was trying to make the miniature version functional. I mean, short of shooting th actual water bullets.

The hardest part was trying to do the photoshoot on literally the hottest day of the year. The figures were gummy the whole time. My phone camera kept overheating. And despite only take roughly 30 minutes, I got completely sun burned. Worth it!

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