Head, waist, legs to bootline: DCIH- Bizarro
Neck: Glue tube cap
Chest/back, arms, jacket: Star Wars- Ponda Baba
Belt: 25A BAT
Hands: Star Wars- General Grevious
Boots: Marvel Universe- Guardsman
Pistol: Accessory Pack Scrap Iron


A Palitoy repaint of Destro, Red Jackal was the driver of the Hyena, which was a HISS repaint.


Red Jackal became Destro in the Action Force comic, but I don't like that. To let Red Jackal be his own character, I've gone in a different direction than a simple Destro repaint (and the Action Force Destro was a minor repaint at that).

The Action Force datafile explains that Red Jackal has a robotic head and hands, but I've gone for just "somewhat repaired". The jagged Bizarro head and skeleton-like General Grevious hands, give Red Jackal a freakshow look. Or maybe like a busted-up Kryton from Red Dwarf look. This custom also keeps the Bizzaro hair, which is much different than Destro.

A furry collar on top of the jacket and sleeve ends also sidesteps the Destro tall collar.

Colors & Paint:

Based on the Palitoy figure, but with flesh tones on the head and hands. But with silver hair and eyes, thanks to a suggestion from Joecustoms.com. Molotov Chrome tops the hair.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The fur is epoxy sculpted and the knee pins were filled and smoothed.

Thanks for looking.

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