Head: crossfire
Torso: crossfire
Arms: footloose
Waist: lamprey
Legs: lamprey
Extra: 25th Anniv. Web gear

It's no secret that Lift Ticket is one of my favorite joes. His secondary specialty is fixed wing aviator, in my terms and using knowledge from the Army, this means he's either doing reconnaissance or VIP transport, I figured it'd be cooler to have him be VIP transport as General Hawk's personal transport. This first came together as a drawing but then I realized that the parts I had would make a good LBC of this drawing and presto! He's been made. Although the drawing does show the Redstar chest harness, that was a creative liberty taken. This was also inspired by Joeconcepts Lift Ticket remake. This also lines up with what I would like to do in life, join the Army and then become a fixed wing pilot as well, so it also is a bit of a self custom as well.

the pictures are randomly turned?

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