Assault Trooper
Eagle Force

Head: Star Wars- Anakin Skywalker (no idea which one)
Hands: 25A Wild Bill
Boots: Star Wars- Uncle Owen
All else: Jonny Quest- Race Bannon (in wetsuit)
Weapon: Marauder ???


Hurricane would have been an Eagle Force member in Mego's second wave, but the company folded and Hurricane never came to be.


After using (most of) a Jonny Quest figure for my last Eagle Force figure, Tygre, I wanted to use that approach again. This time around, the wide-shouldered Race Bannon body gets used to create Hurricane's body.

The Jonny Quest figures are almost, but not quite, the same 1:18 scale as ARAH Joe figures. The contrast is even more noticeable with the 25A Joe figures, which are the bulk of my EF customs. The Uncle Owen boots cheat the height of the Race Bannon body while replacing the bare feet and the Wild Bill hands adjust the proportions.

Paul Kircher's design would have had Hurricane shirtless, but I think the form-fitting shirt works better for a contemporary re-imagining.

Colors & Paint:

My EF customs sport a tan/yellow/orange camouflage pattern to homage the metallic gold of the Mego figures... without being metallic gold.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The hand and feet were chopped off and replaced. The elbow pins and thigh screw insets are epoxied smooth.

Thanks for looking.

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