LBC figure using:

head and helmet: JVC wet suit (2002)
Rest: V1 wet suit (86)

Brian M. Forrest was born in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. As child, he would often visit Patriot's Point Naval Museum and the USS North Carolina floating museum. This led him to deciding to enlist in the US Navy post graduation. He had a distinguished career in the Navy before applying for the SEALs, to which he was accepted.

This was where Wet Suit's toughness was really tested. Not many pass the already tough as nails course and as many as 80% of those that apply usually wash out. He passed the course.

Wet Suit has been regularly accused of being crass, abrasive and flippant, especially towards fellow Joe Leatherneck, with which they have a rather heated rivalry, but he does care about his team mates and will risk his life for them. Behind that abrasive attitude is the brain of a highly intelligent man, who has read many books on military tactics. He's also the kind of SEAL you can count on to do some serious damage to the COBRA naval forces armed only with fishing line and a knife.

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