Head: Wild bill '92
Torso: Law '90
Arms: Hotseat '89
Waist: Windmill '88
Legs: Windmill '88

This custom came about because of two things, recently playing red dead redemption 2 and noticing that windmills legs look a lot like cowboy chaps. Here we are now a new Wild Bill custom. I feel like it does him justice or well I want it to, the only thing I don't have is his cavalry hat, which would've made it a nice touch. In my mind he is always the C-130 pilot as well as any variants that the joe team acquires such as the AC-130, HC-130 & KC-130. His shotgun is an AAI CAWS modified to shoot slug rounds. His famous .45 colts are in a holster on the backside of his torso, like in the small of his back sort of area. I also wanted to incorporate a little bit of his LRRP
past into the design, hence the law torso. Hopefully you enjoy the new take on a classic character.

This is definitely a favorite custom of mine that I've done.

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