All: 25th Zap
Belt: 25th Snake Eyes webgear (harness cut off)
Rifle: M16 (almost any 2004 Comic 2Pack, modded strap from black twisty)

Belt, boots: Testors Dark Tan
Buckles, collar: Vallejo Old Gold
Pouches, accents: Green Zinc Chromate
Body: Testors Dullcote Lacquer

This figure is part of my GI Joe OG13 25th Classic Set, one of seven OG13 sets in my collection.

Not much was done to to the original Hasbro figure-not surprising since this figure was released much later than the other 12, and benefited from improvements to the line.

Maybe the biggest change the use of the typical Hasbro 25th OG13 webgear belt, harness cut off. This helps to hide the ugly transition of wide hips to thin waist (as it does for my RnR). And even then, I sanded down the outer upper hips a bit. The browns then needed repaint--shown in the pictures is Testors Dark Tan, but my current version has this repainted with a darker blend.

The helmet that comes from this figure is a nice average size, compared to that of the early 25th O13 figures and the large one from Breaker. I would like to have used it on more figures, but it is harder to get, since it is only available with this Zap (which comes from the a 7-pack) and with Shockblast, from the Resolute Comic 2 Pack or the ROC Walmart 2 Pack.

I painted the buckles gold as a nod to the underused cartoon version-since I hadn't done anything with any of the others to reference the cartoon.

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