Head: 2015 CC Membership Arctic Dr Mindbender
Torso and arms: 2011 Gnaw Hyde
Upper Legs: 2007 25th Cobra Trooper
Lower Legs: 2008 25th Cobra Viper
Cape: 2002 JVC Dr Mindbender + Marvel U Sentry
Gauntlets: Boss Fight Studios
Hands: Joy Toy
Webgear and Wand: 2009 DOCI Dr Mindbender

Pants and Gauntlets: Citadel Screamer Pink + Citadel Naggaroth Night [purple]
Silver parts: Tamiya Chrome Silver

While by no means a favorite of mine, Mindbender rounds out my top 13 Cobras, has a nice role as an upper-level CC lackey, and visually blends the group with his purple-which is subdued for him individually by the black cape and boots. But I'd also say this guy and the rest of 1986 Cobra agents (distinct characters) drew the line for me as things really started to get outlandish for the toy line.

The biggest thing I've been wanting to do for many years is find a better cape for the good doctor. For one, I hate cloth capes on 1/18 figures (and most but not all 1/12 figures as well). At these smaller scales, they just don't have the weight and drape needed to match the detail and sculpt of a plastic cape. Other thing is that Hasbro went with that outdated 1978 Star Wars robe//cape//neither style.

Inspiration for the cape build based on searching and other sites, studying previous work by others and using the JVC cape as a start. I decided to add the front chain to complete the look. It's not found on many old visuals (cartoon, card art, comic art), but Hasbro actually snuck it in on the reproduced card art for his 2009 release--maybe they were also working on a similar updated cape? For me, I felt something across the front was needed to complete the voluminous cape visual.

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