Head: NS Neo Viper
Chest/back: ARAH Eco Warriors Flint
Arms: ARAH Fast Draw
Waist, legs: ARAH Techno-Viper


This is an original character. Sebum is the oily trail left by rats' bodies as they move, usually visible as an oily streak along baseboards. I watch far too many documentaries, which is where I heard the term. As soon as I heard it, I knew it would be a perfect codename for something rat-related. The Cobra RAT didn't include a driver/pilot, so it was a perfect fit.


The RAT is universally disliked by collectors, though I'm a bit more forgiving than most. I had outgrown GI Joe by the time it was released fairly late in the ARAH run, so I didn't get to hate it the way some do. The parts used for Sebum are awkward or ugly parts that couldn't easily be used in decent designs, so they make a figure that is just as doofy as the RAT itself. The uniform is red and black, with touches of lime green to match the RAT.

The entire lower half is Techno-Viper parts. I generally mix up ARAH parts more, but the design of the Techno-Viper is so intricate, but originally painted so simplistically by Hasbro, that it was easy to make something unique by adding in more colors.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The shoulder/elbow rivets and thigh screw insets are epoxied filled and smoothed. The visor was set too far back for the helmet, so a new one was sculpted over it.

Thanks for looking.

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