All (UNO): 2014 50th Blowtorch (Red & Yellow V4)
Lower Arms (and hands?) : 2014 50th Low-Light
Goggles: 2015 50th Hit & Run

Paints: Tamiya X-12 Gold Leaf, Testors British Crimson, Tamiya Chrome Silver

(From Sep 2020 and my class of 1984 updates):

I thought the tan and green concept art-based version of Blowtorch would be my display go-to, though unveiled long after his glory days. Red+yellow had his time on my shelf prior to 2015, but the red+yellow combo was just too garish and made him stand out among the 80+ figures (and not in the good way). However, after a few more years, I felt the tan+green also made him less recognizable in the collection display as, well, Blowtorch. The solution was to switch out the garish yellow for a yellowish gold. It worked for Iron Man in 2008 (comics, movie, figures), why not here?

The big lower arm pads in red helped the color balance as well-but the main reason for the switch to 2014 Low-Light arms was to upgrade those awful pre-posed hands with ball-hinge hands, allowing for two-handed flamethrower grip. Another body tweak to the figure to help posing was to swap the lower legs, since one leg was much longer than the other, making him hard to stand straight.

The last big tweak is the additional of the googles-idea swiped from customizer Tunnel Rat. I liked how the goggles made the whole mask/helmet more bulky and busier than the 25th. It was also a good sure way to hide that tab at the goggles that is supposed to slip under the helmet. In most of the attached photos, the goggles are from my 50th Hit & Run surplus. The photo with Ripcord uses Cobra Para-Viper goggles-I was able to find and extra pair later, and they are a much better profile and fit.

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