Everything: '90 Freefall

This is an example of an existing custom being repurposed or revisited for one reason or another. I know many customizers who don't like to alter or change their completed customs and prefer to let that art be what it is and capture that particular moment in time in terms of skill or inspiration. I don't necessarily adhere to that mentality, and if there is a figure that I don't necessarily want to use in the capacity it was designed for, or if I am ultimately unhappy with the end result, I have no problem changing it down the road.

Freefall here is an example of a custom no longer necessary or desired for the purpose he was originally intended. The custom was originally made to be a member of my expanded Night Force team, which also included a repainted Ripcord. Both figures can be found on this site.
I ultimately decided I didn't need two paratroopers with that Night Force team, and did a little eenie meenie to decide which one stayed and which one got cut. Freefall lost.
I was happy with the base colors overall, so instead of scrapping the figure entirely or completely repainting him, I decided to add one to what was already there by including some colors in form of green and black camo.

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