Head, vest: 2008 25th Comic 2-Pack Scrap Iron
Body: 2013 Retaliation 3-pack Firefly

Paints: Citadel Khorne Red with Black Paint Wash, Tamiya Flat Blue

The use of the Retaliation/50th Firefly body for upgrading Scrap-Iron to a 50th style build seemed like a no-brainer (provided you could find/afford an extra for the at 3x the price of a single figure at the time and even in 2021). Getting an extra Scrap Iron is also not inexpensive, but once you get those figures and a little paint...

The vest is a nice tight fit, made to fit the body by carving down the torso at the back laterals. The Desto vintage "MARS" gun fits nicely into the small Firefly holster.

My early versions before 2018 had brighter colors-back then I was simply trying to match colors of the 2008 25th build. My final version(s) go with darker hues in line with the vintage figure and with the my other 13 Cobra Command Collection. The gold accents were inspired by Hasbro's POC Snake Trax ATV release of this figure, which also led to gold logo decals applied to the arms.

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