Head: Jonny Quest- Jonny Quest (Cowboy outfit?)
Hood: ROC Frostbite
Gloves, boots: NS Snow Serpent
All else: Star Wars- Padme in disguise


Black Spider was mentioned, but not visually described, on the filecard of the Black Spider Roundezvous figure by the GI Joe Collectors' Club. This is an unusual character in that she's directly named in Joe mythos, but we don't know much about her. The phrase "mysterious agent" is in the narrative, so images of a Carmen Sandiego design are hard to push aside. But since she's meeting an Adventure Team member in the mountains, so I went for a "I shop at REI" look using Star Wars and NS parts, topped with a Jonny Quest head.

As if that's not enough backstory, I see Black Spider as the grown-up version of Spirt's cousin, Vena, who was seen in the Sunbow cartoon. The BSR filecard mentions mountains, but says nothing about where they're located. Mysterious!!

Colors & Paints:

Because the Adventure Team member is decked out in all black, I avoided using a black uniform for Black Spider. Even if her codename calls for it. Instead she's painted to look more like a model who climbed out of a catalog.

The Jonny Quest head has features that are just soft enough to look feminine with makeup and earrings painted on it. I originally set it aside to use a Dench M head, but found a better one before I started that figure.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head, hands, and boots were removed and replaced with new ones. The hood was glued in place, with epoxy added at the edges to fill the gaps.

Thanks for looking.

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