Head: Wildcard '88
Torso: Big Ben '91
Arms: Backblast '93
Waist: Rock n Roll '89
Legs: Rock n Roll '89

This idea for a custom came about after reading about the 89th Airlift Wing, or the Wing that transports the President of the US as well as everyone who is under him. The Wing both flies the VC-25 (military variant of the Boeing 747) and the C-32 (military variant of the Boeing 757). With this, Altitude just got recently promoted to Major and flies the C-32 with Lift Ticket as the Joe's Air Transportation Group (ATG), which usually flies the President on to the Joes base and flies high ranking Joe officers and normal military officers anywhere in the world at a moment's notice. This custom goes hand in hand with the Lift Ticket custom I did a while back. While apart of this group, when not working with the Joes, Altitude flies with the 486th Flight Test Squadron.

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