Head: McDuke
Chest/back, legs: Jonny Quest- QuestWorld Race Bannon
Arms (to sleeve edge): 25A Destro
Lower arms: 25A Hard Master
Feet: NS Snake-Eyes (lanky build)


Krunch was an Action Man character, and secret operative of the Action Man Team. There was was 1996 figure, which was a repaint of the GI Joe Hall of Fame Heavy Duty.

To reflect the athletic frame needed for the character, a Jonny Quest Race Bannon QuestWorld figure is used for the most body.

The Jonny Quest line featured two styles of bodies. For most of the JQ figures, there are standard 1:18 bodies with normal proportions, although they are slightly out-of-sync with ARAH Joe figures. But for the QuestWorld (think Tron or The Matrix) sub-line, the characters are given beefed-up superhero proportions with angular cut lines, about the same as the Marvel Universe 1:18 figures.

The boxing gloves and belt of the original figure were dropped to give Krunch a broader appearance than just a boxing instructor. Here he's a ground-fighting instructor.

Colors & Paint:

Based on the Action Man action figure.

Sculpting & Modifying:

This was a big build.

The Jonny Quest figures have screws in the back, but it doesn't matter. They were sonic welded, so it takes snap ring pliers to pop the front/back apart. Once that was done, I drilled out the shoulder sockets to accommodate the Destro arms, using epoxy to make the fit tight enough.

The Duke head was set lower into the body, after the neck socket was deepened.

The shorts are sculpted from tape and epoxy. Epoxy was also used to build up the neck, and to fill the screw insets and ankle pin holes. The edges of the sleeves are sculpted from wrapped wire.

It's worth noting that the Race Bannon body had some "circuitry lines" sculpted on to it. Instead of removing them, I simply painted them as if they're some kind of high tech body monitoring system. This gives what would otherwise be a generic boxer a bit of visual interest.

Thanks for looking.

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