Head: NS Dusty
Chest/back: Star Wars- Han Solo (POTF)
Arms: Fisher-Price Adventure People- Rescue Pilot?
Legs: DCIH- The Question


Unless you've trudged through the DiC cartoons, you might not know of Jackie Love. Jackie Love was the animated universe stand-in for Bob Hope, appearing in the episode "That's Entertainment". It was horrible, just horrible, but also kinda wonderful. If you hate DiC, but appreciate Bob Hope, it's probably the episode for you.

Design/Colors & Paint:

Cobbled together of junk parts to mimic the Hawaiian shirt, this is a low POA figure. The Fisher Price hands needed some help bringing out the detail, so the lines between the fingers are painted.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head was one that came with a plugged-in helmet, so the top 1/3 of the head had to be sculpted, with the hair later added to that. The facial/neck fat was also added.

The bottom of the shirt is epoxy over paper.

Thanks for looking.

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