Trenchcoat: DCIH- Commissioner Gordon
All else: Star Wars- Rebel Trooper (blockade runner)
Pistol: ROC ???


Scarface was the self-important courier Cobra Commander used as a disposable biohazard pawn during the early Marvel run. His few appearances featured him in a standard Cobra uniform, enhanced once with a trench coat but no helmet/mask. That's what we see here, made from DC and Star Wars parts.

I'm not the first to use the great DC trench coat for Scarface, but using it with the Star Wars parts is my contribution to the design. By "Star Wars parts", I mean the entire Rebel Solider figure, minus its helmet, gun, and vest.

Hasbro has half-assed some quasi-Scarface figures, but none that do the character justice.

Colors & Paint:

Based on the comic book appearances, which featured a mustard gunbelt and black boots combo. Here I pushed the mustard towards rust, which looked better with the coat and its dirty wash.

In the comic book, Scarface didn't wear gloves with the trench coat. Here, though, I added the black gloves to further disguise the Star Wars Rebel Soldier body, which featured ungloved hands. Because this entire figure is just the Rebel Solider with a jacket added, it was important to switch out as many colors as possible.

The Cobra sigil is a printout onto standard paper, which was clear coated before being glued down.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The chest was designed by Hasbro to be worn with a rubber vest over it, so it had to be built up with epoxy somewhat to look right with the trenchcoat. The hairline was also reworked with epoxy.

Thanks for looking.

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