Head: Cast
Torso: Zartan
Lower arms: Storm Shadow
Legs: MU
Cape: modified MU
Blades: sculpted

Shredder is the leader of the foot. An evil organization of ninjas. He is an extremely skilled ninja and has razor sharp blades on both his arms and legs.

A green ooze dumped into a sewer turned what were four ordinary turtles into four human sized mutant turtles who would be trained by their master Splinter (a human who had been turned into a rat by the same ooze) to become ninjas.

Each of the turtles has a specific weapon they use. Leonardo is the leader and uses two katana blades and wears blue. Michelangelo is the party animal and uses nunchucks and wears orange. Raphael is the toughest of the bunch and wields to sai and wears red. Donatello is the smartest of the turtles and serves as the inventor/scientist of the group. His chosen weapon is the staff and he wears purple.

Splinter and his turtles use their skills to battle the evil Shredder and his foot clan. Splinter (when he was a human) and Shredder were once bitter rivals and both experts of karate. They now continue this feud into modern day.

I've included a picture of the custom Turtles with customs of Shredder and Splinter.

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