Head: '83 Ace
Chest/back: '82 Rock 'n Roll
Arms: '89 Rock 'n Roll
Waist: '97???
Upper legs: '82 Stalker
Lower legs: '83 Duke
Weapon: Family Dollar playset


In 1997 Kenner/Hasbro plopped out the "Stars and Stripes Forever" set. It featured ARAH-parted versions of most of the OG13. Some featured the original pieces, others were hobbled together out of completely different (and usually horrible) parts. The spectrum ranged from amazing (Stalker) to what-the-what?! (Breaker). Rock 'n Roll was in the set, but it was a mess made from Roadblock and Hawk parts.

Here, I'm using early ARAH parts to create something that captures the feeling of the unproduced figure seen on the back of the box. That showed Rock 'n Roll with a black shirt and camouflaged trousers.

Sculpting & Modifying:

I used the Ace head as the starting point, adding on the beard/mustache/wavy hair to mimic Rock 'n Roll's early Marvel appearances. They're sculpted from epoxy, which also fills the rivets and thigh screw insets.

Thanks for looking.

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