Heli-Pack Control & Case: InToyz SWAT

With this custom, I wanted to keep the same flavor of the original, but change his look considerably. Since these guys were very visible targets, (a hazard only amplified by the red & black color scheme that I gave them), I figured some armor would be in order. I sanded the Night Viper torso down bare, then built up the armor with putty. I then added the heli-pack straps (which, unfortunately, hides a lot of the detail work on the armor).

The gun is designed to be held normally, or with the strap over the torso (so they can fire without the fear of dropping their weapon).

Getting the blades to spin properly was a royal pain. I had to make sure that they would spin freely, but still be stable and not wobbly. I solved this problem by placing the tip top of a Krazy Glue container lid above the rotor blades (secured by a screw). This allows the blades to rotate, but keeps them stable and straight.

this thread to see lots more pictures and leave a critique.

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