Head: Law '87
Torso: Tele Viper '85
Arms: Leatherneck '86
Waist: Tunnel Rat '87
Legs: Outback '87

I'm a sucker for a good detective story. For this custom there were a couple of inspirations. The first being the reveal of the Wolf Among Us 2, the main character being a detective/sheriff. The second is most Hong Kong action films, most of the main characters are detectives. Third being what if Law was more than an MP. I just figured he rose up to become a MP Detective. For the story I have come up with, General Hawk has him investigate Cobra's activities in Hong Kong. Turns out there's a new building in the Hong Kong skyline. The building's name is Feel Good Inc. Law is sent to investigate the building and who runs it.
While yes, I know Feel Good Inc is a reference to the Gorillaz song, it has another meaning. The building produces a pill called Feel Good. Clearly this is Cobra's doing...

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