Head: GIJCC Bombstrike (cast by Starwarsgeek)
Chest/back, waist, upper legs: ARAH Lady Jaye
Arms: ARAH Grunt
Hands: Fisher-Price Adventure People woman
Lower legs: ARAH Tunnel Rat
Backpack: ARAH Leatherneck
Uzi: Marauder, Inc.


An original character, based around the codename "Chicken Wire Mother". Real world 1960's psychology experiments by Harry Harlow showed that young monkeys prefer faux "mothers" made of cloth-covered frames instead of bare chicken wire ones. As the experiment gained popularity, the phrase "chicken wire mother" began to be used in pop culture to describe cold, unloving mothers.

Running with that, Chicken Wire Mother is a character perceived by her teammates as being a detached and distant team leader, although a competent soldier.


Working with the limited number of female ARAH parts, I rotated in Grunt arms and Tunnel Rat lower legs to mix things up a bit.

Colors & Paint:

A desert color scheme. Originally I went with dishwater blonde hair instead of yellow blonde hair so that the head wouldn't like exactly like Bombstrike. Even with a darker skin tone, it still looked like Bombstrike, so I shifted it to a darker hair color.

The lower half and backpack has a quick dusting of yellow to make sure that the hair isn't the brightest part of the color palette.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The neck post is kibble glued and blended to the balljoint neck base of an ARAH figure. Wire is wrapped around the bottom of it to make the turtleneck.

The Grunt arms worked well, but the hands were too large, so they were replaced with the Adventure People ones.

The shoulder/elbow rivets and thigh screw insets were epoxied smooth.

Thanks for looking.

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