Head: 25th 5pack Storm Shadow
Torso,arms,legs, sword: Retaliation Red Ninja
Belt: Retaliation Storm Shadow
Chest strap: Retaliation Blind Master

File Name: Ralph Badducci
Code Name: Nunchuck
Age: 22
Height: 6FT
Rank: Private First Class
Assigned Unit: Beta Team

In the year 2023, Cobra and another organization called The Curse have joined forces to rebuilt the M.A.S.S device to search the nearby galaxy's for life forms to build their forces stronger than ever before. In the process the M.A.S.S device malfunctioned causing multiple portals to open up on random parts of the globe allowing creatures to come through. The G.I.Joe team caught wind of this and joined forces with The Corps to stop Cobra and Curse from destroying the world. General Hawk set up a unit specifically built to deal with this problem. The unit consisted of, 6-1 (unit leader) Dawn Moreno, (second in command) El Jefe ( heavy gunner) Nunchuck, Kamakurua, Trickshot, Smoke, Boulder and a lot more. Nunchuck was assigned to the unit called Beta Team for his quick thinking and fighting style. He was killed while fighting an alien life form trying to save his teammates, which he was successful in doing at the cost of his own life.

(This is a story I have going over at my Instagram page)

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