Head: Electro, Corps! STAR Force
Torso: Gyro Viper
Arms: Lifeline
Waist: Mirage 00
Legs: Lowlight 91 or at least one similar

File name: Python, Montgomery

Afterburner is an ace with the Night Raven jet. He's not the first pilot to fly one- but he is the one to learn from everyone else's mistakes. In the sky, Afterburner is all business. He follows orders, executes daring moves, no nonsense.

But, when he gets on the ground, he's a joker who always has a retort. His dry wit and constant "bits" keep his teammates on their toes. The personalities are so different that people swear he's two different people.

When I got a Night Raven, I knew I wanted to make a pilot. I mean, yes there's an official one, but this was way more fun. Since the Strato Vipers are army builders, I wanted to have a named pilot. I mean, Cobra had only one named pilot, I believe. Wild Weasel can't fly everything.

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