Head: NS Zartan (knit cap) w NS Sand Viper helmet
Chest/back, arms: NS Heavy Duty V4
Arms: NS Heavy Duty V8
Waist, legs: DCIH- Captain Atom


The Bad Guys were the team of villains introduced by Remco in 1982. They were made of repainted Sgt. Rock parts, molded in black uniforms. Remco's non-Nazi rivals for its Sgt. Rock line and GI Joe, they were even brazen enough to fight your MASH action figures.


Remco's Shark and Hawk were both repaints of the Sgt. Rock figure. Hawk had a goatee w/gold gear and Shark had a full bear w/silver gear. For Remco's Shark- and for my Hawk - the simple fatigues define the character.

For Shark, I wanted at least one element that represented a possible aquatic link to the name. The NS Heavy Duty front/back is loaded with sculpted gear, including what could be some kind of scuba breathing mask. Problem solved. These parts also give him forearm armor, similar to my Hawk custom.
This allows for Hawk and Shark to have several key similarities, while having different builds. Hawk scales to about 6'2" vs 5'7" for Shark.

But that wasn't enough. I kept tweaking the design, switching in the Captain Atom legs to read as a wetsuit lower. His name is Shark, after all.

That Zartan head is perfect for use with small helmets. I also used one for my Skydiver custom. Hawk and Shark both use Sand Viper helmets for continuity.

Colors & Paint:

Based on the Remco action figure, with silver on the boots and helmet, plus the additional forearm plating. The beard isn't sculpted, just painted on over the flesh tone.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The flanks were Dremelled out so the arms could lie flat. Epoxy was added to build up the neck and to fill the elbow rivets. I also used epoxy to cover the top of the legs/upper thigh swivel because the articulation point was so choppy looking.

Thanks for looking.

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