Head: Custom Cast Part
The Rest: Marauders Task Force Parts

Sometimes I don't have a plan. Sometimes I see a custom head online and think, "Hey, that head kinda looks like that guy who does that thing." Then I start to build a Joe custom around a certain piece. In this case, I found a vague hat-head-with-microphone online. I figured it looked like Hard Drive, so I started working on it.
I didn't know anything about the character before building him, but, apparently, Hard Drive is a messianic figure. He is the smartest human to have ever existed. He finished MIT before coming out of the womb. He held 3million patents by his second birthday. He ended world hunger, and ushered in a new evolutionary nirvana for all mankind.
Okay, that might be a little hyperbolic, but not by much. One thing I hate about some of the Joes is that, according to their filecard, they are the bestest at whatever they attempt.
So, Hard Drive is the most amazing computer specialist earth has ever had the honor of knowing. He can magically fix anything...even people! Yes, that's right, folks. He's a medic, too!
For the custom, I had a hard time color matching the web gear and holsters. I tried to replicate that weird mustard/wheat color he has. One of the more striking parts of the figure is the wrist computer. I glued a silver "phone" piece to the figure's arm to try to copy that item.

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