Head: Custom Cast
All Else: Marauder's Task Force

Aruna Singh father was a Ranger and well-connected to the DOD. A blogger and social media guru (her blog site is mil-brat.dot-com), she was studying journalism at Fordhaam University through ROTC (Boing-Boing even did a feature on her). General Colton assigned her to be embedded with the Joes for PR purposes once they went public. Initially didn't believe in guns but changed after she was forced to save Cover-Girl by shooting a Cobra operative. During her first mission, she was shot by the Baroness but survived. Afterwards, she dropped out of Fordham and joined G.I. Joe as Hashtag.

* This is a LBC for sure, tried to match what MTF had available to what could work for Hashtag. Trying to add some characters from the comics that were never created into action figures. Would have loved to have found a head that looked more Indian, settled for what I thought was a pretty decent fit.

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