All Marauders Task Force Parts

I really don't like Zandar (or Zarana for that matter). I honestly don't know what Hasbro was thinking with Zartan's brother and sister. The fact that Zarana had as much success as she did in the later issues of the comic and on the DIC cartoon baffles me to no end. The fact that Zandar was effectively forgotten almost as soon as he was introduced is completely understandable. The idea of adding family members to popular characters is a tried-and-true trope, but Zandar's figure is such an eyesore, I wish he had never been introduced.
Recreating a crap figure has never been an impediment to me. Frankly, my mandate has always been to try to recreate as many Joes as possible using the Marauders Task Force parts.
I took away Zandar's arm-armor because I think the Zartan family's weird serrated arm-armor is a horrible looking feature. Zartan has a bit of an excuse because he's also wearing chest armor and it could conceivably be part of the same armor. But both Zandar and Zarana just have the arm junk...her with a pink sleeveless shirt and him with no shirt at all. Speaking of shirtless, I gave Zandar a white T-shirt because, well, you're a grown man! Wear a shirt for Pete's sake!

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