Head/Torso/Arms/Hood: Boss Fight Studios
Wristbands/Belt: LOL Girls
The Rest: Marauders Task Force Parts

This version of Zartan is in transition. I consider this Zartan V1.5. He is moving away from his previous "YMCA/KISS"-inspired look to a more "Alice Cooper/Sex Pistols" vibe (take heart, Glam fans, Zartan will change again to a full-on "Poison/Van Halen" look). At this point, he has stopped wearing his chest plate and arm-armor over a bare chest in favor of the fuller coverage of a black tactical vest...over a bare chest. He's taken to wearing studded wristbands for when he needs to add some weight behind his punches or to defend against knife strikes. This Zartan prefers to forego his classic hood, but sometimes still wears it for night missions or for camouflage when he wants to keep his bright orange hair under wraps. He still wears his black face paint to keep the sun's glare from affecting his marksmanship, but, let's be honest, it's really for flying his punk flag.
Zartan now sports a leather and chain belt, however, he still keeps a vestige of his old look with his pants and boots being the same as V1 outfit

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