Head: Custom Cast Part
Backpack: World Peacekeepers
The Rest: Marauders Task Force Parts

The head on this figure was originally used for a Mega Marines Clutch build long before Marauders came about, so the hat was already orange. When I decided to use the head for Tiger Force Breaker, I also added the tiger stripes. I like the idea of updating the original 13 Joes into something that could have been made in later years. Breaker doesn't get a whole lotta love ever since Dial-Tone came out, so I thought I would give ol' Breaker a boost and put him in Tiger Force. Oh sure, Tiger Force already has Dial-Tone, but I have much more love and respect for the OG's. Ironically, I painted Breaker's knee-pads tiger stripe as an homage to his Tiger Force communications counterpart, Dial-Tone.

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