Head: DCIH- Firestar
Hands: Star Wars- Aayla Secura
Feet: Jonny Quest- Jessie Bannon (skiing outfit)
All else: DCIH- Harbinger

Iguana: Playmobil- Flying Lizard
Iguana's tail: Star Wars- Bib Fortuna tendril


Fidget appeared in the early 2000's Action Man CGI cartoon. She was the filmographer of Team Xtreme. The super silky animation hasn't aged well, so I couldn't force myself to learn too much about the character. She hangs out with Action Man, is feisty, and has a pet iguana named "Vinchezo". Maybe "Vinchezio". I'm not really sure.

I should also point out that until just now I didn't realize that Team Xtreme and Action Man Team weren't the same thing. In my mind, they are. The same way that I don't know which characters are from Street Fighter and which are from Mortal Combat. Same same. In my mind there's only "Street Combat".

After the first two seasons of Action Man wrapped up, Action Man returned in several "movies". Visually, it looked almost identical, but the continuity was reset and Action Man was, properly, made British.

Design/Colors & Paint:

Based on the animation designs. Fidget had at least two costumes. One was an obnoxious and super busy field uniform with lots of superhero flair. The other one is this, an early 2000's cropped shirt with form-fitting pants. I simplified the hair, but kept the earpiece/microphone.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The hair is epoxy sculpted into something less... extreme. The knee pins are epoxy filled/smoothed. The hands and feet were removed and replaced with better-sized ones. The edges of the shirt and top of the pants are made of wire.

About Vinchezo:

Fidget's pet iguana, Vinchezo*, curled around her shoulders in the one episode I choked my way through (partially) to figure out the character's design. I was surprised- and disappointed- to find that Playmobil didn't make an iguana scaled to its own figures. There's a "giant" iguana, but not one that's near the right size for 1:18. Instead, I substituted a Playmobil flying lizard. Obviously, its wings were removed and body repositioned/epoxy re-sculpted to sit in a more iguana-like stance. The tail was replaced (in the center) with one of Bib Fortuna's tendril's to better match the shape of an iguana.

Vinchenzo was too big to sculpt to Fidget's shoulders, so I positioned it into a "striding onto Fidget's foot" stance. This gives the figures a bit of interaction.

*total guess on the spelling

Thanks for looking.

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