Head: Boss Fight Studios Silver Male Buck
The Rest: Marauders Task Force Parts

This is a simple kitbash/LBC. Only the black area of the helmet has been painted.

I was looking through my parts bin one night and just happened to notice that a silver BFS head was laying near a white MTF helmet. It immediately struck me as resembling the android police from the movie THX-1138. It was quick work to get a close approximation using MTF parts.
In the movie, the androids are used as police, but their job seems to be extremely easy as the populace is rendered sterile and compliant through the compulsory use of drugs. Only when the hero of the movie takes the wrong drugs does he wake to reality and try to leave the docile society. The androids pursue the hero relentlessly until they are ordered to stand down due to the monetary cost of catching the hero is no longer within budget.

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