Head: Toy Biz Marvel- Juggernaut (Cain Marko head)
Torso, arms, hands: Fortnite- Brutus
Legs: Marvel Universe- Drax
Feet: ???



Jaws appeared as an assassin during the Roger Moore era, when hamminess ruled. A Frankenstein's Monster-sized thug, Jaws' schtick was his set of metal teeth. The Roger Moore era is the least appealing to me, but Jaws has his charms.


A mix of Fortnite and Marvel parts, plus big wide Imaginext hands, to create a huge frame.

The actor who played Jaws, Richard Keil, didn't have the mega-wide shoulders or massive arms of this figure. I downplayed this as much as possible by using the large Cain Marko head from a different scale figure. It was slightly underscaled there to accommodate the Juggernaut helmet, so it's just about perfect here. The head also had exposed teeth and an open mouth, perfect for Jaws. The haircut, long face, and heavy brow are also good approximations for Richard Keil.

Colors & Paint:

The suit worn by Jaws in The Spy Who Loved Me was a double-breasted 70's affair, but its colors have been moved onto this more contemporary suit.

I don't have the skills to mimic or even indicate the pattern on Jaws' tie, so it just becomes a silvery blue.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head and hands were removed and replaced. The mechanical teeth are sculpted. The big hands had to be whittled at the edges to line up with the sleeve mouths, and were then smoothed out with epoxy to look right. The inside of the right thigh was also too think, and was bulked up a bit.

Thanks for looking.

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